Development Management Students Association of Ghana (DEMSAG) is an association of the BSc development management programme under the faculty of planning and land management on Wa campus. It was started in 2016 and has come to stay.

Currently it is being managed by interim executives of the various levels of studies and is headed by Albert Baba Awuni of level 400.

Aims and objectives of DEMSAG

  1. To ensure a better marketing of the development management course both within Ghana and the global front
  2. To promote the welfare of its members (thus students offering BSc development management
  3. To coordinate the activities of all students of DEMSAG
  4. To promote cordial relationship between the association and other associations in the university and other universities elsewhere
  5. To encourage the intellectual, social and moral development of its members
  6. To uplift the image of the department of planning and management of the faculty of planning and land management as a whole.

The B.Sc. Development Management in the University for Development Studies is very relevant to development in the north including the Brong Ahafo Region and national development as a whole as it would produce multitalented scholars and managers imbued with academic and professional competencies capable of guiding planning action and managing implementation to cause growth and change in a country that is rapidly becoming complex and challenged by both local and international developments.

  The Programme is particularly indispensable as it would promote the organization of the requisite resources in an appropriate environment for training multitalented professionals capable of implementing development activities successfully as well as promoting diversity in development management education using practically-oriented, community-based, problem solving, interactive research, teaching and learning methodologies and outreach programmes. It would also ensure periodic review of national development planning agenda as a means of ensuring that the products receive excellent tutelage so that the would be well equipped to provide the best planning and management services at all levels for national development.


1.0 General Aim of the B.Sc. Development Management Programme

The general aim of the Programme is to train versatile development managers grounded in theory and practice, equipped with appropriate tools and techniques with the right attitude to guide development planning and implementation management at all levels for the achievement of societal aspirations.

1.1 Objectives of the Programme

  • The Programme is designed to equip participants with the analytical, methodological and practical expertise needed to make a positive contribution to development planning and management in Ghana and in countries within which they are actively involved.
  • In particular, it is intended to help students to acquire a range of skills and techniques for the formulation of appropriate responses to a diverse range of problems, including those relating to productive capacity, inter-sectoral integration, economic and social diversification and self-sufficiency.
  • The programme also aims to produce development and humanitarian practitioners with enhanced ability and skills who will engage the development and change processes and challenges through innovative and critical approaches.
  • By critically examining the theory and practice of development management at the international, national and district levels in a variety of contexts, it is envisaged that upon successful completion of the programme students will have a good knowledge of development related issues and the ability to apply their knowledge to policy analysis and practical problem-solving in whatever capacity they are engaged in.