Article 43(2) the committee shall have the power to deal with all acts of indiscipline on the part of members of the General Assembly or Students referred to it by the General Assembly, a member of the Executive Committee or any JCR.

Our committee is like a watchdog for the SRC and not a witch-hunt. As part of our duties, we have been able to settle many disputes among students. We act as an intermediary to come in and settle all issues reported to us out court and police and make sure that all parties are satisfied.

The following are just few of the cases that we have settled:

  • A case involving two students, a level 200 and level 100 respectively. During the ttfpp, the level 100 student have applied for admission. He asked the level 200 student who they took as a brother to look for accommodation for him. He accepted but told him he lives in town and he may also need a ‘means’ to aid him easy to and fro from campus to the resident. He told him he needed a motor bike, the level 100 student showed him the type he wanted which was super motor bike and the price was GH¢ 1350.00. He wired the money to the level 200 student. When he finally came to Wa and needed the motor bike which he was informed has been bought before he reported to campus only for it to be a lie. All attempt to get the motor bike proof futile. The level 200 student was just dilly-dally. He called the chair by the help of the books they were issued by the SRC. We took it up and we were able to get GH¢ 1000.00 for the level 100 student. He promise to pay the rest but as at now we are still waiting for the GH¢ 350.00 as he keep on begging for more time. We hope to close that case as soon as possible.
  • We also settled a case involving students fighting at Fuseni Hostel in Bamahu. Because most of the members are peace makers we always try to settle matters peacefully.
  • Lastly, we also settled a scam case. The business was transacted between two students but the suspect by name Felix Yanpou (0544 310967), who called one of the students that he has won vodafon promotion, so he give the phone which that suspect was on a call with the victim to any mobile money vendor. He rushed to ‘Share Business Center’ and handed the phone to the vendor so he the suspect can talk to the vendor. An amount of GH¢ 690.00 was sent to the suspect Felix Yanpou through mobile money. When he asked for the money that he has sent the victim said he was supposed to be given that money because the man said he has won GH¢2000.00. Realizing it was a scam they called the MTN to block the suspect number only to be told he has withdrawn the money. I made a recommendation that the suspect number is active, so a follow up by the BNI can help to bring the suspect to book and the money will be given back to the victim. That you.

Please all names were withheld for a purpose. These are just a few of the many cases we have handled and settled.

Disciplinary committee doors are open for all. Feel free to report any case of indiscipline to us and we will not let you down. We are always ready and willing. Thank you.

I’m Benjamin Yaw Wiredu, a level 300 Real Estate student. Am a soldier by profession and a rank of a Staff Sergeant. 1st Battalion of Infantry, Michel Camp is my unit. I’m married and blessed with   four children. I have participated in five peace support operations in the DR Congo, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire and Lebanon.