*Motorcycle Crash  helmet;  An Effective Measure to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality*

*Motorcycle Crash  helmet;  An Effective Measure to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality*

*By: Yahaya Abubakar*
*Bonsu Dominic*
*Boafo Linda*

Sudden were our hearts, upon witnessing so many motor related deaths in a space of three months as a committee. It was our topmost priority to aid students who are in need, but aiding students through death situations : we never wished for.
We have endured pain, we have endured sorrow, but we can’t just be negligent and continue to wallop in pain. We can’t just stay calm for the precious Lifes of our noble students to be subjected to the wickedness of death.
It is upon this delight we write to express our condolences to the family and friends of our lost souls as well as the entire school. We as well wish to enlighten students on the current situation of accidents, as well as re-echo the essence of crush helmets in our quest to overcome motor related deaths on campus.

Statistically we have recorded four fatal cases of  accidents, of which two lives have been lost just within the Months of February and Match, with about four students sustaining serious  injuries and in the process been transferred to other hospitals for further treatments especially those accidents involving head injuries. One unique and most unfortunate situation is that, all students who lost their lives or sustained serious injuries through such circumstances had no helmets on. Well, this is not a mere coincidence, but holistically justifies why administration has unequivocally emphasized and insisted on the “Crush helmet or no passage” policy.

We use this means to educate our colleagues in a more comprehensive way on the nature and relevance of HELMET.

Helmet is a protective guard worn to protect the head from injuries,more especially helmet aids the skull in protecting the human brain.

It is a protective combat head gear which covers the whole head from crushing or minimize injury during accident,it is made from resin or plastic and foam which is reinforced with fibers such as aramids.

Helmets with thicker foams of 15mm are better,giving your head more room and milliseconds to stop.

“Medical charges and rates of head, facial, and brain injuries among motorcyclists were lower in universal law states. Helmets were effective in reducing injury across the globe. It as well increases the chances of survival of victims in the most injurious situations of motor accidents.

Now, there is no doubt that helmet is extremely relevant in overcoming this unfortunate circumstances.
The committee therefore urge all students to always put on helmet when riding to reduce the risk of loosing more lifes as our SRC week celebration is fast approaching.

Your life is very Precious to Us. Help us save it.

Thank You.

Editorial Board Chairperson, SRC

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