Project Committee ChairProject and programmes committee

Chairman: Salihu Abdulai Jnr

Deputy: Atiku micdad

2nd deputy: Hilda

 The office of the Project and Programmes committee is a newly enacted office by the SRC on Wa campus and chaired by Salihu Abdulai Jnr a BDM level 400 student, is made up of a six member committee geared towards assisting the achievement of a well sustainable, efficient and effective implementation and execution of projects and programmes on campus. The committee since being enacted has relentlessly been working with all departments and committee, like the Entertainment committee, Academic Board, Sport committee, Ultimate radio and the Editorial board to accomplish this objective.

 The office of the Projects and Programmes committee in collaboration with the Entertainment committee and others organized a spectacular Freshers Night dubbed Marhaba Night, which in the history of the SRC and the school at large hasn’t realized before, a display of unique talents, art and craft and the gracing of the stage by very popular artist to welcome and entertain the freshers and the student body at large.

Also, in effort of the SRC president to vamp up the dissemination of information, and putting the university in the lime light, an order was issued to renovate the school radio into a standard and modern set so as to achieve such purpose. With the effort of the Projects and Programmes committee and the management of Ultimate radio, new equipments and furnishing was done and the radio has seen tremendous chance, transmission is clear and the worker can now work and operation in a conducive environment.

The Projects and Programme committee are liaised with all the committees on campus working together to achieve maximum output to make the lives of student much easier and helping in the attainment of the ultimate aim.