The transportation committee of the SRC has a mandate of ensuring students safe travelling on campus. The committee transports students to lectures and back home stopping at some designated places which is closer to various hostels or residences of students to pick up and to drop them after lectures

The transport committee of the SRC also rents out their busses to various groups and organizations within campus to help them carry out their activities both on campus and off campus at a moderate fee which is mostly used to pay for the service of the
driver taking them on their activity and the rest is used for maintenance of the bus.

The transport committee also uses the buses for other SRC activities on campus such as traveling for excursions and programs that it (SRC) had been invited to.

1) The Transport Committee of the SRC consists of:

(a) A representative of each year group;

(b) Three appointees of the executive committee including the chairperson.


(a)  Receive all application for the use of all transport facilities of the SRC.

(b) Be responsible for the arrangement of student transport services outside campus.

(c) Coordinate all transport arrangements of groups traveling under SRC sponsorship.

(d) The committee shall prepare by laws governing the use of transport facilities of the SRC.

The committee is chaired by a strong and dedicated personnel in the person of

Ebenezer Karikari

BSc Development Management level 400 student


and is supported by hardworking assistants who ensures that the purpose of the committee is achieved and students are also satisfied.