1) The Women’s Commission consists of the following core members:

  1. a) The Women’s Commissioner;
  2. b) A female representative from each year group;
  3. c) A female JCR executive representative;
  4. d) A female representative of the non-residential students.

2) The commission is charged with:

  1. a) Aiding female students in realizing themselves as an important resource so as to contribute to the advancement of society;
  2. b) Assisting in finding solutions to women’s related problems;
  3. c) Helping to prepare the female student for more responsible and responsive role in life after school;
  4. d) Serving as a link between female students and other groups with the view of sharing ideas and strategies on issues concerning women;
  5. e) Inculcating in female students a sense of inclusion, solidarity and active participation in campus activities;
  6. f) Helping to raise self-esteem and self-confidence of female students;
  7. g) Improving and strengthening communication and co-operation between the sexes;
  8. h) Creating a platform for re-kindling the potentials of female students.

3) Every female in the University shall be a member of the women’s Commission.

4) Without prejudice to clause (3) of the article, any male student desiring to be an affiliate member of the women’s Commission may apply to the office of the Women’s Commission for consideration.

5) The Women’s Commissioner is a member of the Executive Body of all female JCRs.

6) The Women’s Commission at the beginning of each trimester, present proposals of activities and the expenditure involved to the General Assembly through the Executive Committee for approval.